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About Us
Responsive Health is a premier knowledge management community dedicated for helping individuals better understand the general scope of valuable health information. Inspired by the well-known informational web conglomerates today, Responsive Health was created to help users quickly find beneficial information and providing an avenue for users to interact with others within a well-organized and controlled community. Responsive Health specializes in assisting people with common interests in finding relevant information on specific topics and works as a gateway by allowing them to securely connect with trusted companies that can assist them.

Responsive Health takes great pride in providing reliable information and to help improve the user’s visiting experience. We want users to feel comfortable with the information they pursue and encourage users to responsibly interact with other Responsive Health members. Who knows? You may find someone that has the exact same inquiries as you! Let Responsive Health help you find what you’re looking for today!

Responsive Health greatly values your feedback and is always looking for ways to improve our Site. If you have any suggestions or recommendations that can help Responsive Health fit your needs, please email us at info@enCircleMedia.com.

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This site is intended to provide you with health information from publicly available sources, supporting vendors and partnered sources. While We make every effort to ensure that the information on this site is accurate, We make absolutely no assumption, inference, or declaration stating the information provided should be use as a source influencing any decisions on medical, diagnosis or treatment, or advice about what providers to use. The Site is an informational resource used for educational purposes only and cannot be used as a source used to make changes to medical treatment or lifestyle decisions without first consulting with your physician.