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Aerobic Exercises

What is Aerobic Exercise?

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) defines aerobic exercise as "any activity that uses large muscle groups, can be maintained continuously, and is rhythmic in nature." It is a type of exercise that overloads the heart and lungs and causes them to work harder than at rest. The important idea behind aerobic exercise today, is to get up and get moving!! There are more activities than ever to choose from, whether it is a new activity or an old one. Find something you enjoy doing that keeps your heart rate elevated for a continuous time period and get moving to a healthier life.

Types of Aerobic Exercise

  • Aerobic Dance
  • Bicycling
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • In-line Skating
  • Fitness Walking
  • Jumping Rope
  • Running
  • Stair Climbing
  • Swimming

Calculating your Target Heart Rate (THR)

The target heart range for a 75 year-old with an Resting Heart Rate (RHR) of 88 is calculated as follows:

  • 220-age = Maximal Heart Rate (MHR): 220-75 = 145
  • MHR-RHR= Heart Rate Reserve: 145 - 88 = 57
  • Take 30% and 45% of Heart Rate Reserve: 30% x 57 = 17 / 45% x 57 = 26
  • Finally, add these numbers to the Resting Heart Rate (RHR): 88 + 17 = 105 / 88 + 26 = 114

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