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F.I.T.T. Principles

Set up a regular schedule for exercising. Try to accumulate at least one hour of activity daily with more vigorous workouts three to four days a week. You are likely to see improvements when you exercise regularly and have a schedule for exercise. Also, you are more likely to continue those workouts when you have an exercise schedule.

For your muscles to get stronger or your body to get fit, you must work harder when exercising than when you are at rest. Your heart should beat faster and your breathing should increase when you are performing aerobic exercise and when you are lifting weights. Make sure you work harder when you are exercising, but don’t overdo it. Lifting too much weight or working out too hard can cause injuries.

You need to exercise your body the same way that you are going to use it. For example, aerobic exercise will not build flexibility, and lifting weights will not increase your aerobic endurance.  For flexibility, you must stretch. For aerobic capacity, you must increase your heart rate. For strength, you must work your muscles.

Gradually increase the number of times you do an exercise, the length of time that perform an exercise, and how hard you exercise. It generally takes six to eight weeks to see physical improvements, but you will feel better shortly after starting to exercise.

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