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Choosing Your Doctor

Tips for Choosing Your Primary Care Physician (PCP)

List your needs

Do you want your doctor's office to be near home or work?
What's the most convenient time of day for appointments?
Do you have a medical condition that requires a specialist?

Talk to friends and relatives

Ask people you know and trust if they have any recommendations.
If you've just moved from out of town, ask your previous doctor for a recommendation.

Narrow your choices

Use your health insurance provider's "provider directory" to create a list of potential doctors.
Make sure they participate in your medical plan and are accepting new patients.
Research information about a provider.

Visit the doctor's office

Set up an introductory visit
Is the staff attentive and organized?
Are phones answered in a reasonable amount of time?
Observe how long patients are waiting
Ask how far in advance you need to make appointments
What days and times does the doctor see patients?
Who provides care in the PCP's absence?
What hospital does the doctor admit patients to?

Review your decision

After you've visited your new PCP, consider if you're happy with your choice. If not, you may want to consider a new PCP. CareFirst's medical plans allow you to change your PCP anytime during the plan year.

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