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Study Suggests Blood Pressure Drugs May Reduce Cancer Spread

Mon, 29 Mar 2010 06:59:1
<div>David Goodhue - AHN News Reporter</div> <p>Barcelona, Spain (AHN) - British and German researchers say drugs designed to control blood pressure can also held reduce the spread of cancer in patients with breast tumors.</p> <p> Dr. Des Powe, a senior healthcare research scientist at Queen's Medical Center at Nottingham University, said in a statement that he and his colleagues treated a group of breast cancer patients with beta-blockers and found they had a significant reduction in metastasis and improved survival rates.</p> <p> The statement was released at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Barcelona, Spain. The research was done in collaboration with scientists at Witten University in Germany.</p> <p> The researchers said that out of the 466 participants, those taking beta-blockers had a 71-percent reduced risk of dying from breast cancer than the rest of the group.</p> <p> Powe said this study was relatively small, and a larger validation study is needed to determine whether beta-blockers should be prescribed to patients who have an increased risk of developing secondary cancers.<br /> </p> <div> Article &#169; AHN - All Rights Reserved </div>

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