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Alberta Warns Residents Of Respiratory Ailments From BC Forest Fires' Smoke

Fri, 20 Aug 2010 11:23:1

AHN News Staff

Calgary, Alberta, Canada (AHN) - Alberta Chief Medical Officer Dr. Andre Corriveau warned residents Thursday of possible respiratory problems due to the smoke from British Columbia's ongoing forest fires.

To avoid being affected by the dusky grey smoke blown from BC into Alberta, Corriveau advised Albertans, particularly those with asthma, bronchitis or emphysema to stay indoors, close their windows and visit their doctors for other preventive measures.

For healthy residents, the physician advised them to do strenuous physical activities as much as possible indoor because of the bad air quality.

Corriveau estimated the poor air quality will continue to bother Albertans until Sunday, based on the predictions of Bluesky - the smoke forecasting system used by the two neighboring Canadian provinces.

BC continues to battle with about 300 wildfires caused by lightning strikes and humans. British Columbia's effort to douse the blazes is hampered by the lack of water bombers. Only one such bomber is operational where it is used to kill flames in Tsacha and Poplar Lakes.

BC decided not to hire another water bomber now lying idly at a base near Port Alberni because it is less effective. The two water bombers are the last two remaining in the world, last used simultaneously in California.

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