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How Time has changed

A lot has changed over your lifetime—including Have Changed: the way food is produced and distributed. It used to be that food was produced close to where people lived. Many people shopped daily, and prepared and ate their food at home. Eating in restaurants was saved for special occasions.Today, food in your local grocery store comes from all over the world. And nearly 50 percent of the money we spend on food goes to buy food that others prepare, like “carry out” and restaurant meals.

Another thing that has changed is our awareness and knowledge of illnesses that can be caused by harmful bacteria in food:

  • Through science, we have discovered new and dangerous bacteria and viruses that can be found in food— bacteria we didn’t even know about years ago.
  • Science has also helped us identify illnesses that can be caused by bacteria and viruses in food—illnesses we didn’t recognize before.Today, for instance, we realize that some illnesses, like some kinds of arthritis, can be traced to foodborne illness.

One of the other things that we know today is that some people—including people over 65—can be more susceptible to getting sick from bacteria in food.

But seniors who take care to handle food safely can help keep themselves healthy.

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